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Prerequisites for the Remote Download process

  1. You will need a tachograph with an active remote functionality (VDO V1.3a and up, Stoneridge Rev. 7.3 and up).
  2. Vehicle has to be equipped with a tachograph enabled for the Remote Download process as well as an onboard-unit (OBU); they have to be installed at the tachograph’s anterior interface (K-line) and the real interface (CAN0). The OBU’s SIM card has to be activated.
  3. Make sure the OBU was professionally installed and expertly connected to the tachograph. Ensure that the AMSEL Installation Test (after installing the OBU) was successful.
  4. You need a computer with at least a DSL connection to the internet; you might also need to acquire rights for modifying and adding security settings within your company owned network. An USB card reader for inserting the company card is also necessary.
  5. Installation TACHOListener (refer to note in chapter 2).  
    These components establish the communication between hardware the web portal; it is a requirement for uploading driver and vehicle data.
  6. Any browser for installation and usage of the program (Mozilla Firefox, EDGE, Chrome etc.)
  7. Valid company card
    Make sure that a valid company card (please check expiration date) which holds data on all associated vehicles is inserted in a USN`B card reader; the latter has to be connected to a  computer; you need to be able work on that computer.
  8. Settings for distinct Remote Download schedule for any driver or vehicle data can be adjusted at the webportal under the menu option “Management/Remote Download Scheduler”. As a standard, vehicle data will be uploaded automatically every 30 days, every two weeks.
  9. Make sure the tachograph does not hold the service card.



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