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Driving Hours / Drivers Report

By choosing the menu item “Reports/Driver/Driving hours/Drivers Report” you are able to view all reports you requested by defining specific search criteria. The report will only list drivers assigned to a certain fleet manager and a certain fleet.

The data will be listed according to four categories:

  • Total sum of all days and average hours per week specified by the chosen time period of one or all selected driver(s);
  • Total sum of all hours within a calendar week as well as of the last two calendar weeks (in compliance with 90-hour regulation);
  • First and last point of time per calendar day of the following activities: “Driving”, “Working”, and “Standby”; additionally, the daily total hours will be displayed;
  • Single activities by start, end and duration per calendar day, per driver or passenger and per vehicle.

Regulation VO (EC) No. 561/2006 dictates that transport and logistics companies have to ensure complete documentation of driving times and rest periods. Thus, you might need to manually add driving times and rest periods in case the driver card is not inserted into the tachograph. This is necessary, since the inspection authorities are putting an increasing importance on a 24-hours verifiability. This feature will indicate whether the relevant times have actually been manually added. If the report is missing relevant data, you are able to add the information right away.



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