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Working Hours / Driver Reporting

By choosing the menu item “Reports/Driver/Working hours/Driver reporting” you are able to view specific, requested report(s) on working times. The analysis will only show drivers that are assigned to a fleet of the requestor. The staring date will be drawn from the reference period for the customer as indicated at Management è Company è edit Company – Working hours or for the fleet as indicated at Management è Fleets è Title of fleet – Fleet - working hours.

The recorded working times, based on individual driver activities, will listed according to four categories:

  • Total sum of working hours within a referential period (as defined in Customer Management menu and/or Fleet Management) given for one or all selected drivers.
    You will be shown the referential period, the actually fulfilled working weeks within this period, the total amount of working hours within this period, the average weekly working hours, as well as working hours of the current calendar week, the current day and remaining working hours for the current as well as the upcoming calendar week;
  • Subsumption of Weeks will list a total amount of performed working hours per week;
  • Initial and last point of time per calendar day of the following activities: “Driving”, “Working”, and “Standby”; additionally, the daily total hours will be displayed;
  • Single activities per day and driver by start, end and duration as well as cumulative working and shift hours and the time of the start and the end of a shift.

Regulation VO (EC) No. 561/2006 dictates that transport and logistics companies have to ensure complete documentation of driving times and rest periods. Thus, you might need to manually add driver activities in case the driver card is not inserted into the digital tachograph. This is necessary, since the inspection authorities are putting an increasing importance on a 24-hours verifiability. This feature will indicate whether the relevant times have actually been manually added. If the report is missing relevant data, you are able to add the information right away.

Choice of Working Times Parameters for the Report

For creating a report on working times, the system takes parameters from company data and data of the selected fleet allocated to the registered user. If the system is not able to refer a specific fleet to the registered user, it will use the company’s parameter. It the company data does not contain specific parameters necessary for this process, the system will use parameters determined from the EU regulation. A legend on the website as well as on the PDF file will tell you which source was used to establish the parameters.



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