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management-add user

Add Fleet/User (for administrators)

This step is necessary to be able to upload vehicle data.

On default, you will find the preset user named “Fleet01” in the menu item “Management/Fleets”. By clicking “Fleet01” you are able to change the name; you may also add as many additional fleets as you need.

  1. By choosing the menu option “Management/User” you will find the task “Add User”. Here, you may add specific data and assign rights as “Fleet Manager” or “Administrator” to each user. If you are not assigning any rights by choosing the appropriate checkbox, the user will not be able to sign into his account. The other option – “Add a driver as user” – will give you the opportunity to allocate rights to a certain driver, which enables him to sign in to the webportal by using his specific access code; this will authorize him to upload data from his diver card and to view his data (only).
  • Specifications at “User Reference” are needed to enable the user to to access the webportal.  Fleet managers can only manage their allocated fleets once the corresponding fleets are checked at the menu option “Manage Fleets”. By clicking “Save” you will confirm the creation of the new user.

2. Provide the new user (administrator, fleet manager or driver) with his specific access data (customer ID, user name, password). In case the fleet manager is responsible for more than one fleet, he will need to choose the fleet he would like to edit by uploading data after logging in.



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