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Driving Hours  Social report

After defining and submitting specific search criteria, you are able to view all violations under the menu item “Reports/Driver/Driving hours/Social report”. You can get the system to display a period of days as well as days that have registered violations. The list may be viewed both as an overview and as a detailed report. All violations will be categorized in accordance to EU regulations as follows: minor or unclassified violation (!), serious violation (!!), and very severe violation (!!!). The fleet manager may print out the report (by clicking on the PDF button on the screen); he can now have the driver sign the document and hence confirm that he has been instructed on the violations.

With this report you are able to check the driving times and resting periods as well as the driving interruptions according to regulation (EC) No. 561/2006

  1. Choose menu item “Reports/Driver/Driving hours/Social report
  2. Select the preferred period as well as the driver or drivers you wish to create the report of.
  3. Click the button “Social report request”. The requested data will appear on your screen.
  4. To get a detailed overview and to download the report, click “Export to PDF” (you will find the according button on the bottom of the website).



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