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Driver Activities

By choosing a vehicle from the list, you may view detailed information about the vehicle and its driver such as mileage, last recorded position, current speed, remaining driving time and remaining time until the next rest period is due.

Calculation of the Driver Budgets

Calculating the current driver budget is based on data submitted to to web portal. Driver data needs to be uploaded. In case you register gaps in a working times report, you need to manually add the missing data, because gaps will be interpreted as rest periods which might lead to a divergent result in the Driver Budget (timewise).

Display Driver and Passenger

The system will automatically recognize slot 1 and 2 of the tachograph and will thus display both driver and passenger correctly.

No driver card, no driving time

In case a driver card has not been inserted into the tachograph on a selected day, the LIVE module will not record/display any driving activity.



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