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Remote Download (RDL)

You may remotely download driver or vehicle data as follows:

  1. Standard: Once a legitimate company card has been inserted into a card reader which is connected to your computer, the download process will start automatically; no activation is needed. The system will only draw data from the tachograph that have been authorized by comparing the data to the number given on the company card. You may follow the upload process by referring to the Upload Manager, more specifically to the menu item “Upload Data” -> “Upload Monitor”. The process as such will take place as scheduled (see 6.5.2) for either company or fleet. The next Remote Download will be scheduled automatically as well.
  2. Exception: If you want to initiate Remote Download for a specific vehicle or driver at a certain point of time, you will need to choose a special functionality at the status overview of a vehicle or driver. When selecting a certain driver/vehicle, a blue pointer at the right side of the menu will indicate if the remote download is doable. By clicking on the blue symbol, corresponding data will be remotely downloaded.



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